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Francophone children

From CP / Y2
Collège / Middle school

French Lessons for
French Native Speakers

Learn French in parallel to your local or international school.

All the tools for a smooth (re)integration of the school in French.

Very small french classes

We limited our Children French Lessons to 5 students. Therefore, your child learns French in a serene and caring environment. Our teachers have the necessary and indispensable time to dedicate to each students. At the same time, the children work together, communicate and exchange.

Giving the taste for reading

The exploration of literature is at the heart of our teaching of French. Reading a novel, documentary or comic strip is a source of motivation for students and represents an essential lever for successful learning. 

Kids Learn French throught Fun activities

language study through play

Notions of grammar, conjugation and spelling are approached in a playful way. Games are stimulating and increase motivation. 

Collaborative work is increased. Beyond the pleasure, affective and cognitive engagement, the student appropriates the notions that the game allows him or her to study.

Des enfants francophones

MAKE Friends in French

By participating in our French classes, children find themselves with classmates who share the same needs. French becomes again a language of exchange and sharing. Students enjoy progressing together in French.

Collégien Francophone

Strict respect of official programmes

We recommend that our students attend 2 lessons per week. With 3 hours of class per week, we ensure a progression that includes all the important points of the French National Education program in French corresponding to the age of the children.


Our French Classes for French Native are classified in 5 levels in the strict framework of the Curriculum of French National Education for French Literacy.

Our French Classes are available at our school and online.


Learn French with professionals. Our teachers are fully qualified and certified with a relevant experience in prestigious institution before joining our team. They Among them:

Head Teacher

With more than 10 years of experience in teaching French within the AEFE network and the Alliances Françaises, Manuela supervises our team of teachers.


Holder of a master's degree in French as a foreign language, Johan has nearly 10 years of experience in France, Japan, Singapore and Poland.


With a Master's degree in Educational Sciences, Lou taught for 5 years in France, the United States and Thailand before joining our team.


Le Club des cinq, it’s 2,000sqft  in the heart of Hong Kong Island dedicated to French Learning.

French Language Centre in HK

Our French Language School is registered with the Education Bureau of Kong Kong. Therefore, we comply with all the requirements in terms of safety.

With 4 classrooms and a library, our students learn French in  a fully equipped, bright and safe environment.



Our French Lessons are sold by 10’s or 20’s to be used within 3 months.

a week

HKD 5700 for 10 classes
  • HKD570/class or

a week

HKD 10500 for 20 classes
  • HKD525/class or


HKD 5100 for 10 classes
  • HKD510/class or
Special Price

1 on 1

HKD 7000 for 10 classes
  • HKD700/h

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