The teaching method of Le Club des cinq is based on encouragement and promotes self-confidence. It is through a personalized and adapted learning that the students of our school reach proficiency in French language.


They benefit from individualized teaching methods based on their interests, through the implementation of projects. True motivational tools and sources of reinvestment, these projects value the student and build up team spirit.


Access to French culture is at the center of our pedagogy. This is why we have set up various tools, such as reading rallies, to promote the discovery of French literature. We also participate in French cultural events that take place in Hong Kong, such as poetry or dictation competitions. These events are always integrated with the courses.


At Le Club des cinq, we believe in active learning which strives to involve directly students in the learning process. From given tasks the student accesses the understanding of a notion and then uses this knowledge through automation.


The strength of our school? Limit class size to five students to provide individual support. We also want transparency in individual progression and true communication between learners and the school. Thus, students and parents are constantly informed of the subjects treated, the concepts studied and the objectives pursued.


This pedagogical approach involves learning objectives adapted to the pupil, his/her age and his/her level. Teaching at Club des cinq is characterized by a communicative approach, built around four skills: understand, speak, read, write. The teaching resources are rigorously chosen in strict respect of the official curriculum corresponding to each program (French National Education, CECR, IGCSE, IB or HKDSE).


The asset of Le Club des cinq is to be a human-sized school. Our vision of pedagogical excellence is to work for the success of everyone in a caring environment through a demanding and rigorous project. All this in order to achieve our one and only goal: make each of our students reach their best in French!