Our Mission:

chidren enjoying learning French

1. Raising self-confidence in speaking French

For Le Club des Cinq – French Learning Centre, speaking self-confidence is the key to success. Our teachers’ main goal is to raise our students’ awareness of their strengths, their qualities and boost their self-esteem.

2. Guiding students towards success fluency in French

We lead our students on the way to progress by an individualized teaching method allowing every student to reach fluency in French.

3. Stimulating curiosity and interest for French culture and language

Our classes and educational tools are adapted to our students’ age and level. We always design fun activities and lessons to provide stimulating classes.

4. Implementing personalised learning methods

We personalise our teaching methodology and help our students overcome each difficulty they encounter.

5. Learning French together

By studying in small groups, our students can share, interact, help each other and grasp the richness of their differences.