With an enriching experience in French International School and private school in Hong Kong, I created Le Club des cinq in 2013. My project was to establish in this city the first independent school dedicated to French language.


Ambitious and demanding, this educational project was as follows: offer a catalog of programs that meets every need in French, while promoting self-confidence in the practice of language.


I have gathered a qualified teaching team, made up of passionate professionals, so that each learner can be certain to be accompanied by a qualified and experienced teacher, able to help him in his learning.


Providing high quality education could only be done in a caring, friendly and family environment. So I imagined a welcoming and bright space that seemed to me favorable to the well-being of students and their learning, a place to meet and share.


The implementation of my educational project had two requirements. First, a playful and innovative teaching with all the tools necessary for effective learning. Second, offering personalized support.  Also, the idea of ​​limiting to five the number of learners per class has imposed itself naturally. This specificity has become our hallmark and the key to our success.


Today, Le Club des cinq enjoys a reputation for seriousness and quality in the world of teaching French in Hong Kong. Proof of this is our partnership with the French international school of which we are, since 2016, the exclusive collaborator within the framework of extra-curricular activities.


I am proud of our success. Thanks to the professionalism and investment of our teams, Le Club des cinq is a recognized school in Hong Kong for teaching French.