Your needs = your program


Our programs meet your needs and objectives. They are designed in strict compliance with the CEFR curricula.

Our French lessons are interactive and give an important place to conversation.

Free position test

Your journey at Le Club des cinq begins with a free position test.

This first meeting allows us to analyze your strengths and weaknesses as well as your tastes and expectations.

Our team of French teachers then propose a program with clear personalized objectives.

Young learners raising hands to ask questions to teacher after interesting lecture

A communicative approach

Our communicative approach focuses on the social aspect of language: it is necessary to communicate in order for learning to be effective.

Our students express themselves and interact in French. We always offer activities that reproduce authentic everyday communication situations and are easily reusable.

Small groups or private lessons = different needs for always rapid progress

Small groups

By level group (10 students maximum), the French teachers of the Club des cinq will accompany you in your learning of French.

Each level lasts 20 hours spread over 3 months (10 lessons of 2 hours). Beyond the strict respect of the official programs, our team prepares a set of language activities that encourage you to speak out.
You develop your vocabulary, your language structures, your communication skills and above all you gain confidence!
Le Club des cinq accompanies you after class. After each French class, your teacher provides you with a set of resources to continue working at home and go further.
At the end of each level of French, you take part in a test that allows you to move to the next level.

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How long does it take to reach the next level?

At Club des cinq - French Learning Centre, we believe that a student follow seriously our program can reach the CEFR levels with the following number of classroom hours (not include home study): 

Number of classroom hours Based on 2h of class per week, I will reach:
A1 40h - 60h In 6 to 9 months
A2 40h - 80h In 6 months to 1 year
B1 60h - 120h In 9 months to 1.5 year
B2 80h - 160h In 1 to 2 years


10 levels are available click on the link below to know the timeslots for each levels:

To A0.5 (Great Beginners), To A1, To A1.5, To A2, To B0.4 (Intermediate), To B0.8, To B1, To B1.4, B1.8 and To B2 (Advanced).

Each group is composed of 4 to 10 students.

Price HKD3990/class of 20h for about 3 months or HKD200/h.

>> To check the timeslots for each level, please click here <<

Private lessons

Private lessons are the guarantee of flexibility. Each week, you adapt your course hours to your availability. A referent French teacher monitors your progress.

Price HKD600/h sold per package of 10 lessons to be used in 3 months.

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