An interactive French learning


For a (re)smooth integration into the French system or to follow French schooling on the side.

Strict respect for National Education programs

Our lessons are designed with strict respect for National Education programs. They aim to equip students with all the knowledge necessary for a future (re) integration into the French system.


Personalised follow-up

Our teachers use individualized teaching methods to improve each student's level of French.

Interactive approach

For each age, our communicative approach allows your child to develop his reading and writing skills. Language knowledge (conjugation, grammar, spelling, vocabulary) is developed in depth each year and is always interactive.


French literature and Rally readings

Reading and discovering literature takes an important place in our learning.

Throughout the year, your child takes part in rally-readings around themes and books adapted to his level.

Stimulating cultural projects

Your child discovers French culture by writing articles, making YouTube videos and even trying out French food.


Small groups or private classes

Our French classes are limited to 5 students. Your child does not learn alone and makes friends. Teachers pay adequate attention to all students.

Our programs:

  • GS-CP: Enter into reading, become familiar with the syllabic method, develop vocabulary and structure its language;
  • CP-CE1: Become a reader in French, discover grammar and conjugation;
  • CE1-CE2: Improve your reading, know the basic rules of spelling, grammar and conjugation;
  • CM1-CM2: Strengthen your reading and writing skills and understand how the language works.

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